How To Get Your Free Stellar (XLM) On Your New Crypto Wallet is currently running one of the biggest promotions in the history of cryptocurrency markets: it is giving away $125 million worth of XLM tokens. Everyone is excited but pessimism is already growing among many new subscribers. This article will answer all looming questions to dispel the pessimism and explain exactly how you can get your free XLM tokens.

Get A Wallet And Verify Your Identity

The main requirement of becoming eligible for the ongoing promotion is getting a Blockchain wallet. Blockchain wallets are free and easy to use.

It is also important for you to verify your identity once you get your Blockchain wallet. This is meant to ensure that each subscriber has a fair chance in the promotion so that individuals cannot get the giveaway more than once – it is also important for all future transactions. Verification is quick and easy as you are only required to provide relevant identity details – guarantees that your data will be safe and private.

Prudence suggests that you verify your identity immediately after registering for your new Blockchain wallet. However, has taken upon itself to remind all eligible subscribers to verify their identities. To this end, you will receive an email asking you to log into your wallet and verify your identity once you are chosen – you should do this within a week or else the offer will expire and go to someone else.

Know Your Wallets

It is important to note that does not limit its users to one wallet. However, identity can be verified only once. As such, it is important to sort your wallets properly (if you have more than one) and give greater attention to the wallet with your official identity.

Patience Is Necessary

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the biggest promotions in the cryptocurrency markets – it also comes at a time when investors are in frenzy amidst unprecedented volatility levels. Considering the amount up for grabs, numerous people from all over the world are lining up for a chance at the free money.

To this end, Blockchain Support is urging everyone to be patient and wait their turn. Some people have already received their XLM but others are still on the waiting list. According to the support department, the tokens are dispatched in batches once applicants are chosen to participate. As such, it is advisable to keep an eye on your email as your turn can come up at any time.

Region Matters

Cryptocurrencies are illegal in several countries, and several other countries are currently making policies to do the same. As such, it is important to note that your nationality may limit your chances of qualifying for the promotion.


If you have registered for a Blockchain wallet and are still waiting for your free XLM, don’t lose hope as the promotion is still ongoing. Make sure that you are in a country where cryptocurrencies are legal and that your wallet is verified.

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