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There is increased speculation that Coinbase will be listing another cryptocurrency. According to the rumors, this time around ZRX will be chosen for a listing on Coinbase.

One of the main reasons why there are rumors that ZRX will be listed on Coinbase is because of 3 of the 4 advisors of ZRX are from Coinbase. These include:

  • Fred Ehrsam is an advisor at ZRX and is also the co-founder of Coinbase
  • Linda Xie is also an advisor at ZRX and is also associated with Coinbase as the former capacity of PM.
  • Olaf Carlson-Wee is again an advisor at ZRX and has worked at Coinbase in the capacity of PM.

Last but not the least; ZRX is a sponsored project by Coinbase.

As a result, the probability of it getting listed on Coinbase is pretty immense. Moreover, with the company heavily invested in the ZRX project, it is a no-brainer that it might be listed in the future.

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Silicon Valley culture:

It is common for Silicon Valley companies to invest in new start-ups and thereafter, to give them a leg up by increasing their business. If indeed, Coinbase lists ZRX, it will be the same case. It will be able to increase the valuation of ZRX significantly. As a result, not only the blockchain will become popular but also the valuation of the cryptocurrency will shoot through the roof. This will ensure that it is able to gain as well. Thereafter, it will just have to worry about the long-term capital gains tax which it makes on ZRX. Moreover, it can do so for the other blockchain projects in which it has invested as well. As a result, there are increased chances that ZRX might be listed on Coinbase.

One thing which is certain is that Coinbase will certainly like to increase the valuation of the blockchain-based projects in which it is invested. The easiest way to do so will be to list them on the blockchain. As a result, automatically the venue will increase significantly. Also, it remains to be seen whether it is willing to add a new coin after the last of the debacle in which charges of insider trading were levied on it during the listing of Bitcoin Cash. However, that was quite a few months back and Coinbase has taken steps in order to ensure that such a debacle actually does not happen again. Still, there are only rumors that ZRX might be listed on Coinbase and there is no confirmation from the company as to whether it will indeed be listing ZRX.

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