Will Apple and Ripple partner up?

Ripple continues to partner with businesses in many sectors, and some are predicting a future partnership with Apple which would be sure to make XRP a hot commodity.

These past few months, Ripple has been steadily announcing new partnerships, including most recently one with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ripple’s XRP, like (almost) all cryptocoins, is down as the market hits a downturn and is likely looking for a way to turn its tides. Some in the cryptospace predict or are even calling for the cryptocoin to join forces with tech giant Apple.

Global Coin Report points to the fact that back in May, Apple integrated Ripple’s Interledger Protocol as part of Apple’s cross-platform payment systems, which was quite a boon for XRP’s value. More recently, Apple reportedly added XRP to one of its stock-tracking applications.

These point at least to some relationship between the cryptocoin firm and Apple, and given Apple’s expansive digital payment needs, whoever is most associated with the technology behemoth stands to gain both wide adoption and massively improved visibility.

Bitmoney News notes that Apple has already adopted some of Ripple’s technology, and if they were to directly partner up, XRP would become exponentially more valuable as Apple integrated it into its worldwide platform while significantly increasing liquidity and investment. They go on to note that there are other competitors, like Stellar, who are also positioned for adoption by Apple.

What is for sure is that if Apple does partner with a cryptocoin, that cryptocoin will skyrocket in value.

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