Now, favourite dApps can be kept in one place

Having favourite dApp is nothing new, almost all investors might be having one. Keeping that in mind, Coinbase wallet came up with a new update where one can put all their preferred dApp in one place.

Earlier, the only way investors could do that was bookmarking them on thenweb browser. However, now with the new Coinbase wallet update consumers can place those bookmarks on their Coinbase Wallet. It will be displayed for them on the home screen.

Apart from this, there will also be the “dApp explorer”. It is described by Coinbase as, “our homebase to discover the latest and greatest dApps on the decentralized web.” These updates mainly aim at making the wallet more user-friendly that it is now.

The update also lets the users switch between wallet and browser, improving the usability of the wallet. Earlier, the users had to completely shut down their DApp participation to check back.
However, users will no longer will have the chat function. Coinbase wallet will no longer be offering the service.

Their goal is to make the process of sending crypto easier, as posted on their blog.
According to their blog post, “Eliminating chat makes for a more streamlined experience for users looking to store crypto or explore the decentralized web. Stay tuned for updates!” Users will find all the new updates on the home screen.

In other news, Soon after the crypto game War Riders was featured on the Coinbase Wallet iOS app, iPhone stopped all accesses to crypto collectibles. As per reports, Apple won’t be making the access available any time soon. As reported by CoinDesk, an official from Coinbase told Cartified: “Quick heads up – we will be removing from the iOS version as we’re not able to highlight dapps that facilitate purchase of digital goods.”

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