Crypto Breakthrough: Tron and Ripple Clans Create Real World Adoption of TRX and XRP

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The Tron and Ripple communities are two of the most active in all of crypto, and a pair of projects are revealing just how engaged they really are.

In a space that’s constantly searching for real world adoption, members of both communities have independently developed successful protocols that allow anyone to send TRX and XRP through Twitter and other social media platforms.

For Tron, a platform called Seedit allows users to log onto Twitter and with a few keystrokes, send TRX to anyone with a Twitter handle. It also works with Telegram. Shortly after the platform launched, Tron’s community created a grassroots campaign called #OperationTronStorm, and sent TRX to well-known figures around the world including Kanye West, Ellen and the Pope.

Since launching in August, the Tron faithful have sent about 18.5 million TRX through Seedit, worth more than $360,000.

Meanwhile, the XRP Tip Bot allows social media users to send XRP to each other in a similar fashion. The platform works on Twitter, Reddit and Discord.

Unlike Seedit, the XRP Tip Bot has a maximum of 5 XRP per tip. Since launching in late January, more than 67,343 XRP has been sent through the protocol, worth more than $18,700.

Here’s a look at both platforms in action.

You can find out more about how Seedit works here, and how the XRP Tip Bot works here.

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