Here Is How Litecoin’s Charlie Lee believes XRP is Artificially Controlled


The question as to whether the Ripple company owns too much XRP has been on the mind of many cryptocurrency investors for a very long time. This discussion was highlighted when the company locked up 55 Billion in Escrow last December to guarantee the predictability of the coin’s supply. As a matter of fact, the simple fact that Ripple owns a large amount of XRP is the reason the firm is currently facing 3 lawsuits from disgruntled traders who believe the company issued a securities offering with XRP representing a share in its holdings.

But let us talk about recent comments by Charlie Lee during an interview at the Asia Blockchain summit in Taiwan. During the interview, Charlie Lee explained his reasons for selling his entire LTC holdings and gave comparisons between LTC, Bitcoin, and XRP.

Charlie Lee expressed that he was relieved after selling all his LTC for the decision had weighed down on his mind for over 2 weeks. His main reason for selling was that he wanted to concentrate more on the Litecoin project rather than spend his time worrying about its price in the markets. As a result, we have seen the Litecoin Foundation capture partnership after partnership this year. A few of them include with Abra, TokenPay and WEB Bank.

When discussing XRP, Charlie stated that:

“There are many possibilities. …Ripple [*XRP] is somewhat like a diamond because its supply is also artificially controlled. And diamonds are actually advertising. …If you want to buy Ripple for marriage, it is very valuable, haha!”

In a sense, Charlie Lee is right for the Ripple company has locked up 55 Billion XRP in escrow. They have ‘squeezed’ the circulating supply to the current levels of 39.315 Billion. But since the Ripple company and XRP are a separate entity, it is within Ripple’s rights to HODL its XRP in whichever manner it deems fit. Locking up its XRP in escrow is similar to how you would lock up your own digital assets in a Ledger Nano S.

In conclusion, Charlie Lee is indeed right that XRP is being artificially controlled but only if you consider XRP as part and parcel of the Ripple Company. However, we have since learned that these are two different entities. Once we grasped this idea, we realize that Charlie Lee is wrong from this perspective.

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