Ripple (XRP) & Tron (TRX) Lead Google Search Trends For Altcoins in June

According to the search metrics that have been conducted by Google trends, the most popular searches witnessed in the month of June among the altcoins has been Ripple, EOS, NEO, and Tron. While Bitcoin is still the most searched crypto term on the web. With various other search terms that have provided a fascinating insight into the development that has been taking place within the altcoin market.

There Is A Steady Interest In The Adoption Of The Blockchain Technology

With the results we have seen in the Google Trends it would suggest that there is an actual increasing interest in the area of the decentralized apps, especially if we take in regards the NEO and EOS. Both these platforms have been able to allow third-party developers to create and make several applications on their chains, which have been able to utilize the blockchain and crypto functionality.

At the same time, the Ripple went ahead to capitalize on the recent announcement that was made of the partnerships taking place between the major institutions. It also includes the release of a collaboration with the Santander Bank for the rapid international fiat money transfer system, one which has been underpinned by the Ripple blockchain.

Tron Has Also Been Trending Of Late

Over the past few weeks, Tron has also been able to generate a consistent publicity on the web, the most notable one being the big token burn that took place a few weeks back plus the partnership that was recently announced by And this is not all, as it has also benefited from Justin Sun involvement in the developments that have been taking place. He is the founder of the Tron platform which has been considered to be famous in the crypto community.

But there has been some drama that took place; this is involving the Vitalik Buterin that was accusing the team in Tron of plagiarism. As a result, this raised a sudden public interest in the Tron platform, as it was clearly reflected in the Google Trend analysis.

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