Ethplorer Continues to Set Standards for Ethereum Token News

The Ethplorer news portal managed by Everex has undergone a number of significant updates of late, to become the number one space for those seeking Ethereum token news.

Everex is a blockchain powered money transfer service system which enables the user to transfer, borrow, and trade in any fiat currency, anywhere. With settlement times that are below 30 seconds, low transaction costs, and military-grade security, the portal gives easy access to the world’s financial markets. Everex is also behind the Ethplorer portal which is deemed to be the top source of information for Ethereum token news.

Speaking to Cryptodisrupt, Everex CEO Alexi Lane said that the whole development was due to the hard work put in by the team at Ethplorer.

“Since our last update, Everex’s leading product, Ethplorer, has become one of the leading platforms in the crypto space. Even with the recent market decline, the platform continues to gain traction, as the team behind Ethplorer is working tirelessly to build in new features and refinements”.

Lane added:

“During this time, we released a large number of significant updates and new features of the service. We have completely rebuilt the infrastructure, and we are now processing a thousand times more requests than we did before, while significantly speeding up the response time.”

One of the most important developments has been in the candlestick chart which is one of the widely used features of Ethplorer. This initially represented the important piece of price information for that token at a given day, such as the open, the close, the low and the high.

The portal has now included on the same chart, the daily number of operations for that given token as well as its daily trading volume. The historic candlestick chart allows users to seamlessly analyze trading patterns, and also track activities for a specific token on any given day. Ethplorer also offers Portfolio features for any addresses even if this is not initially requested by the user.

The second and most widely used feature of Ethplorer is the table for Top Ethereum tokens and the index of historical activity. Ethplorer now has new features which offer a convenient analysis of the current market situation. This provides the user with a snapshot on what has actually happened within the Ethereum token ecosystem – a great way to keep updated on Ethereum token news in general.

Ethplorer also introduces the Top activities of the tokens in terms of trading volumes and number of transactions that gives the users a global picture of the situation and allows analysing the token activities, including the tokens that are currently non-tradable (e.g. tokens that are currently undergoing an ICO, airdrops or other mass activities that could hinder the Ethereum blockchain performance).

These improvements have definitely created a better user experience for all those who are interested in Ethereum tokens and who want to track price movements and other news in this field. Ethereum Token news is definitely well served by Ethplorer who plan to continue fine-tuning and tweaking the user experience.

Jay is pretty interested in the crypto space. He’s written for several publications on the topic and has lots of ideas on how the world can be made a better place with blockchain technology. He’s also a fintech journalist with some years of experience and enjoys writing about new startups, ICO’s as well as any other intriguing news that catches his fancy.

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