Zilliqa (ZIL) Is The True Ethereum Killer, Not TRON or EOS

A previous article by Global Coin Report had put the case of Ethereum (ETH) being able to withstand the Tron (TRX) and EOS (EOS) MainNet onslaught. The reasons for ETH being the King of Smart contracts, and firmly at the number 2 spot according to market capitalization, were outlined also in the opinion piece less than two days ago.

The first reason why Ethereum would weather the onslaught brought about by TRON and EOS was that the Ethereum platform was time-tested. There was also the idea that with sharding being introduced in the ETH platform, Crypto Kitties and other animal DApps will no longer slow down the ETH platform.

A second reason why Ethereum would weather the storm of the two MainNets was that EOS had recently been exposed to a major security vulnerability and the TRON foundation offering a $10 Million bug bounty reward to any developer or team of developers, that would find any security issues in its MainNet. This means that both projects are not 100% ready to take on Ethereum.

But in comes Zilliqa (ZIL) with the Scilla Programming language as well as already demonstrated sharding on the currently live Testnet. The Scilla programming language is developer friendly. The developers need not learn a new programming language such as Solidity. Also to add is that Scilla is blockchain agnostic in that it can be integrated to any other existing platform. This is some flexibility that has been unheard of in the blockchain. Perhaps Zilliqa can eventually spearhead the much-discussed interoperability between blockchain platforms that Ripple has been working so hard to achieve.

Smart contracts on Scilla can also be verified before the smart contracts are launched. This way, developers can put them through rigorous tests to check vulnerabilities rather than waiting for them to be discovered as was the case with the Parity incident on the Ethereum platform.

One thing that is unique with the Zilliqa project, is that Sharding has already been tested and demonstrated during a meetup in Singapore. In the demonstration, the team managed to have 6 shards that could perform 2,828 transactions per second. The increment in tps (transactions per second) on the platform, is in a linear manner and the processes will not be interrupted if one shard is attacked. The platform is robust and solid.

Last but not least, the ZIL MainNet will be launched in the third quarter of 2018. We are in the early days of the third quarter right now and anticipation is high within the crypto community with respect to the MainNet launch. ZIL has also been predicted to be valued at $6 by the end of the year.

Therefore, and in summary, Zilliqa is indeed the Ethereum Killer and not Tron or EOS.

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