PayWith Litecoin (LTC) Campaign Takes New Dimension, New Boost Enters.

The PayWithLitecoin campaign enacted some months ago within the Litecoin (LTC) family especially to increase the adoption of the coin in the society has received a major boost when the Litecoin foundation announced that the initiative now has a website centered on providing necessary information on why Litecoin should be adopted by firms, small or big businesses.

In a tweet by Charlie Lee, it was indicated that is the newly unveiled website dedicated to enlightening businesses on the importance of supporting Litecoin.

“The team at LTCFoundation pulled together all the resources in one place to help businesses accept Litecoin so people can #PayWithLitecoin everywhere money is accepted! Next time someone asks you how they can accept LTC, refer them to”

It could be said that PayWithLitecoin emanated after the Verge-PornHub partnership. Mr. Charlie and the Litecoin (LTC) community see the need for a campaign that has the potential of increasing the acceptance of Litecoin. The campaign is seriously paying off owing to warm reception the crypto coin is receiving in the whole wide world.

TapJets And Surf Air Accept Litecoin (LTC)

#PayWithLitecoin received another boost in the flight industry. TapJects and Surf Air have indicated they are supporting the crypto coin.

Tapjets Inc, an American online private jet charter and air carrier company, announced it has finally incorporated Litecoin on its platform.  The move to accept Litecoin came after an election was conducted among XRP, XVG, and LTC. The election favoured LTC and XRP.

TapJets in a tweet stated: “Our cryptocurrency friends asked for their project to be included in our payment methods. Our CEO @EugeneKesselman promised a quick poll from the product team so here it is #XVG vs #XRP vs #LTC what should be our next move.”

While Surf Air is a flight company which arranges travel and other services solely accepted to support Litecoin (LTC) due to the current change of interest of people from fiat means of payment to cryptocurrency.

Charlie in a tweet revealed this: “On the heels of @TapJets accepting Litecoin, I just got confirmation that SurfAir is also accepting LTC now in addition to BTC and ETH. More info on this next week! More places to #PayWithLitecoin.”

Surf Air is regarded as the first private air travel club that gives “all-you-can-fly service: for one monthly fee”. The firm offers flight to and from convenient airports through the U.S. West Coast, with future addition underway. Adopts Litecoin.

Another area where the #PaywithLitecoin Campaign pays of is the recent acceptance of Litecoin by, a virtual reality porn site. The platform confirms it now accepts LTC, stating that the acceptance is a result of Litecoin’s superior blockchain technology.

Remember when PornHub declared it is accepting Verge, Charlie Lee was the first among respected crypto bigwigs to condemn the move saying porn site should have declared support for bigger coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The aftermath of the condemnation resulted in a nondisclosure agreement between Litecoin and TokenPay.

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