Ripple [XRP]’s smart contract platform ‘Codius’ revived

According to sources, Codius, the smart contract platform established by Ripple is being revived.

It was discontinued in 2015 as the crypto market was still in the early stages. At the time, there was also a lack of a standard for payments using smart contracts, which lead to the project being phased out.

Although the website has gone live now, it is in its Beta phase, increasing the possibility of further integration of Ripple’s technology with Codius. Additionally, the code has also been checked for dragons, the common bugs that are found in software during testing.

According to the official website:

“Codius is an open hosting protocol. It makes it very easy to upload a program, whether you want it to run on one host or thousands. It also has built-in billing…. once a program is uploaded, anyone can pay to keep it running — the author, the users and even the program itself.”

For Codius to continue running and never be down, there has to be at least one person using it. Decentralized apps and smart contracts based on the fast and secure software solutions provided by Ripple, can also use Codius. Built-in micropayment systems can be used to pay between two Codius applications.

Alex Cobb, an XRP Investor tweeted:

“The #Ripplecodius smart contract platform could replace the use of both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Could make them obsolete. Why pay more for a transaction on either platform when you could get bitcoin and ethereum features all in one currency. #XRP”

Shawn Stead, a market follower commented:

“Blows my mind the cost of xrp, I feel it should be worth way more, esp compared to other coins with only promise of use. Xrp is the closest to solving every problem that we can think of with crypto even tho peeps say it isn’t a crypto. Yet still .82”

Adam, another Twitter user commented:

“Codius being reborn from the ashes. Could be bearableguys Phoenix in his picture.”

Louis Crosby, a crypto investor tweeted:

“This is great progression, I got invested in Ethereum for this exact reason. Smart contracts are still a relevant use case and I could see Ripple overtaking Bitcoin and Ethereum in the coming years.”

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