Ripple XRP Could Hit $1.30 In Looming Bull Run

Experts are predicting that a new bull run is looming. With market values predicted to spike through a mix of positive announcements and huge corporate investments, June is shaping up to be a very exciting month.

Of course, we cannot guarantee such a bull run will take off, but, if it does, we can at least look how currencies may well perform.

Regarding XRP, the most recent bull run, or market surge that took place in April, saw the value of XRP rise up by just over 85%. This increase started when XRP was valued at little under $0.50. Today, XRP is valued at little under $0.60, at the time of writing specifically, XRP is valued at $0.59. Now, if an 85% increase took control tomorrow, we would see XRP hit $1.091, so for the sake of argument, let’s say XRP would hit $1.10.

Whilst this is quite a colossal figure, we must consider a few things. This bull run is unlikely to happen tomorrow and thus, we won’t see an 85% rise in the value of XRP in a day. With this in mind though, XRP has time to mature before such a run takes over.

So again, assuming this looming bull run will hit XRP with an 85% rise like last time (indeed, this cannot be guaranteed) and say, for the sake of argument, XRP is valued at $0.65 when it does take hold, XRP could potentially hit $1.20. Moreover, if XRP is closer to $0.70 when the bull run comes, which is indeed possible, we could see XRP hit $1.30.

Overall, this is all based on speculation and the historical performance of Ripple XRP. The next bull run, if it even happens may not hit us with the same velocity as the last one. Realistically, it could hit us with a harder incline, in which case, great! Overall though, the climate could be far more mellow and this, the next surge may only bring us gains of 20%, 30%, 50%, for XRP specifically. In short, we can’t really know what will happen.

For now, hold on. The markets are tightening up and things are finally moving in a positive(ish) direction. If the experts are right, things are going to change soon so, for now, let’s hope they are!

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