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With the increase in liquidity issue on the crypto platform, CoinANX begs to differ from the rest of the cryptocurrencies to serve the purpose of exchangeability. CoinANX has now geared up to launch its ANX coins which can be easily bought using fiat currency and can be used to buy/sell commodities across the borders without the worry about the fluctuating prices.

“To provide CoinANX users the ability to pay and exchange as many viable fiat currencies as possible” – Antony Joseph Crossman.

Built with ERC20 token technology, CoinANX tokens launched on 17/04/18 with a soft cap of 1 million Dollars and a hard cap of 3.75 million Dollars. The exchange is designed and committed to support many native currencies that can thrive in the economy. This is crucial to CoinANX as they strive to create the most convenient and accessible crypto exchange platform.

On speaking further about the wallet security, one of the crew members added, “We have implemented two step verification method for better safety.”

CoinANX aims to make cryptocurrency payments direct and affordable for anyone from any corner of the world. However, any individual wanting to exchange fiat currencies or cryptos should have CoinANX tokens.

If you wish to buy CoinANX tokens or would like to know more details about their ICO, visit their website at-

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