GladAge Raises 2MN USD to Revolutionize Senior Care Industry through Blockchain

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GladAge, Decentralized Senior Care Ecosystems powered by Blockchain has raised 2M USD by Almora IB in a recent development. The two global powerhouses have come together to bring a paradigmatic shift in senior age care.

Evan Luthra, co-founder of said:  “Almost 1 Billion people are considered old. As citizens of this world it is our responsibility to our parents to take care of them. Senior care is a multibillion-dollar industry and the as the oldest tax payers, the governments have a responsibility to its senior citizens and actively backs and subsidies old age homes – yet the industry has many challenges. Almora and GladAge shall redefine the way senior age care is used and consumed through a myriad of services powered by blockchain. Enter blockchain, we can induce a sense of accountability among caregivers, have a fair market for old-age products and services, and live in an age-friendly world. The technology is known to be disruptive, and together with GladAge, we can revolutionize the senior care sector.”

The quality of care and support is proven to have an unparalleled impact on an individual’s health, happiness and will to live. However, the senior care sector remains immensely vulnerable and fragmented; this needs to change, and now. In a world that is aging with the senior population expected to rise rapidly crossing two billion by 2050, GladAge is one of its kind old age care solution that seeks to bring a change.

GladAge endeavours to solve the biggest problems of the sector that the traditional processes and systems have failed to resolve from the likes of dearth of senior homes, lack of standardisation and incentivisation, and unorganised processes. With old age care becoming a socioeconomic problem, governments all across the globe are taking preventive measures and launching schemes to address loneliness, financial dependence, housing, deteriorating health and lack of mobility

“With Almora’s expertise, strategic support and experience in the blockchain and crypto services, the brightest minds globally are coming together to find the best possible solution to this global issue. Our system is powered by Blockchain which will address current problems of transparency, chaotic processes and shortage of trained professionals. The right mix of technology and strategic support when leveraged in the senior care sector can revolutionise the industry. We hope to make a difference in the senior care sector with earnest efforts.” said Sunny Kapoor, CEO, GladAge

Contact: Abhimanyu – [email protected]

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