A Digital Currency to Revolutionize the Coming GE14

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 5 April 2018

HarapanCoin ICO launches in preparation for the coming GE14.

The surge in the growth of digital currencies has been exponential with Bitcoin leading the masses. Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, the way transactions are managed have eliminated the need for intermediaries. Bitcoin has changed the way transactions happen in the 21st century and other cryptocurrencies are following not far behind with better and improved features.

HarapanCoin is a digital currency that will revolutionize the way elections campaigning has been done. In an ideal world where elections are fair and clean, contributions made by supporters are unconstrained and go a long way in helping their chosen political party. In reality, those with power seek to destroy their opponents through unethical and sometimes, unlawful means. Diverting funds, cancelling or rejecting international transactions and generally inconveniencing opposition supporters in any way possible.

HarapanCoin hopes to change circumstances through means of ICO. Contributions will go directly into the wallet of the party, regardless if it’s made domestically or anywhere in the world.

“We believe that HarapanCoin ICO will succeed because of our strong community of supporters all over the world,” says Aziz M. “We are confident that this year’s election campaign will be able to maximize Pakatan Harapan’s potential to win the election through the contributions made.”

In previous years, lack of funding due to the bank imposing restrictions on international transactions during the general elections has incurred opportunity costs for the opposition. The HarapanCoin ICO will fund the bulk of the election campaign, and allow the opposition to capitalize on marketing and advertising, organizing events, as well as managing other campaign-related activities.

According to the party’s spokesperson, “HarapanCoin is not just a way for supporters to contribute, we also want them to benefit from buying the digital currency. We want holders to earn profit in exchange for purchasing the token.” Like most of the cryptocurrencies, the more people purchase HarapanCoin, the more the price will appreciate, and in turn, HarapanCoin holders can profit from selling their coins in the market.

Join the ICO today

The first stage starts on 1st April and the second stage will commence on 20th April. A total of 4,485,000,000 HarapanCoin will be available for purchase throughout the ICO.

This is an opportunity that can change the tide of the election. Ensure that your contributions go directly to Pakatan Harapan by joining HarapanCoin ICO. Purchase HarapanCoin and make a profit by selling it in the future. You won’t lose either way. The choice is in your hand. The future is in your hand.

To learn more, visit http://harapancoin.com.

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