Ethereum Price Forecast March 26, 2018, Technical Analysis


Ethereum markets have rolled over a little bit during trading on Friday, reaching down towards the $500 level, an area that of course has a certain amount of psychological support, and of course caused a bit of a hammer last week. Because of this, I think that we will test that support area yet again, and it looks as if we are going to go down to the $450 level, followed by $400. The alternate scenario is that we rally, but we need to break above the $600 level to do so. It’s not until then that I’m willing to buy this market.

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Ethereum markets rolled over against the Euro during the trading session on Friday, reaching down towards the €420 level. I think that the €400 level will be targeted, as it should be a major support level based upon the previous resistance found just before Christmas in this area. If we break down below the €380 level, then I think the market breaks down rather significantly, perhaps down to the €300 level, perhaps even €250 after that. I’m not willing to buy this pair until we break above the €500 level, which would be of course a complete change of momentum and of course attitude, and that would be an excellent way to play this market, taking advantage of a complete shift in momentum. Right now though, we need other crypto currencies to help, which they don’t look ready to do.

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ETH/EUR daily chart, March 26, 2018
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